Nipple reduction is an operation aimed to reduce the size of the nipple, it can be done alone or in combination with areola reduction. Some patients have inherently large nipples, whereas in some the nipple is stretched due to ageing, or breast feeding in women. Most patients seeking surgery are self-conscious about the look of the nipple – these may stand out under clothing which may affect their choice of clothing, work, activities and self-confidence in relationships. Sometimes the nipples can be sore when they chafe on clothing. The procedure is popular in men as well as women.

Sometimes the nipples can be inverted. This may be one or both nipples and can be partial or complete (involving the whole nipple). The condition may look unsightly or can also cause functional problems or interfere with breast feeding. Some devices such as the Niplette™ may help, although the inversion can recur once the device is stopped. Surgery is a more reliable long lasting solution especially in complete and severe cases although there are potential complications that need to be considered.

These procedures are usually performed as a daycase and can often be done under local anaesthetic (With you awake) although some patients prefer to be asleep (A general anaesthetic). I have extensive experience of all the latest techniques and will be able to advise which technique is best for you, depending on the size and shape of the existing nipple and desired result. Many surgeons are only familiar with one or two techniques, so it is important to know, whoever you see, that they are suggesting the operation that is best for you rather than just suggesting the operation they are able to do.

My patients are highly satisfied with their surgery. This includes hospital and nursing staff who have asked me to perform the operation after seeing my outcomes, and by personal recommendation of friends and relatives who like my friendly yet professional approach, and know they are in safe hands. My patients are more comfortable with their appearance after surgery, their confidence and self-esteem is better. They feel they can wear more revealing clothing, clothing fits them better in general and often personal and sexual relationships improve. It is an operation I enjoy doing knowing predictably good results.


All prices are all-inclusive i.e including surgical fee, hospital fees, anaesthetic fees, post-operative appointments, any required dressings or prescriptions and costs of corrective surgery within a year of the procedure.


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